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Qigong: Balancing Energy for Vitality

  • Campus of Life: Multi-Purpose Room 10785 Pomerado Road San Diego, CA, 92131 United States (map)

Length: 4-week Course, 1.5 Hours each session, 1.8 Total CEUs

Dates: Thursdays/ May 16, 23, 30; June 6

Instructors: Dr. Ana Maria Andia

Qigong is the ancient Chinese healing and martial art practice of combining gentle physical exercise, synchronization of one’s breathing pattern, and meditation. It is the most natural of all the therapies which are the legacy of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese believe that the fundamental purpose of qigong is to insure that the flow of energy within the human body is continuous and harmonious, or to restore this energy, if for any reason, its flow is disturbed. Thus, qigong is based on the premise that the human body is an energy system.

There are three effects of qigong on the body’s vital energy or qi. In the first workshop you will explore the first of six Hands of Lohan that constitute level one.  The following sessions you will learn the next five forms. The practice of the Shaolin forms always begins with “Lifting the Sky,” a form that initiates the flow of energy throughout the whole body, activating all the meridians and unblocking all energy blocks. Please wear loose clothing for the class.

Ana Maria Andia is a biochemist who did pioneering research on a major liver enzyme system cytochrome P-450 before she became a physician. She is both an internist and a psychiatrist.  Dr. Andia also has master's level training in medical intuition and navigating the soul's journey. Drs. Andia and Eriks introduced the practice of Shaolin qigong to San Diego in 2005 when they sponsored their qigong teacher Master Pragata's coming to San Diego from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Costa Rica. Classes in Shaolin qigong have been taught at the Sharp Outpatient Pavilion several times a year since 2005. Master Pragata taught these classes in San Diego until 2011 while preparing Dr. Andia to continue to promulgate and teach the art in his absence. Dr. Andia has been teaching introductory qigong classes in San Diego since 2008 and advanced classes since 2011.

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