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Insights to Chinese life through Language

Insights to Chinese life through Language

Summer 2019 - Electives

Wednesdays, August 7th & 14th

(Two sessions, 7:00 - 8:00PM)

Instructor: Barak Rigbi

Location: COL Multi-Purpose room

Prerequisite:  None - CEU: 0.3 per session; 0.6 for both sessions


Chinese is a fascinating language. This pictographic language shaped Asia's culture for the past 5,000 years. As art represents culture, the art of calligraphy and the Chinese catheters represents the Chinese culture and shaped it to what it is. Undoubtedly, the language has the biggest impact on the Chinese and their culture.

Join us for a fascinating journey led by Barak Rigbi and explore how the Chinese people live by their language.

Through fun linguistic examples you will understand how just a single writing character can mold the Chinese values and their way of life. Sharing insights about the Chinese language and culture may bring you some perception and appreciation for your own life.

Barak Rigbi defines himself as a “curious optimist.” His curiosity led him to China in 2001, where he lived, loved, raised a child and explored opportunists for 18 years. Most of the time he was living within the Chinese people in a small town (800,000 people, but for China it is small) as the only foreigner; and in the big city of Shenzhen (20 million people and where all your electronics is being produced) helping Chinese factories to develop products and business. Barak’s son, Adam, is half Chinese, so you might get a clue how deep he was within the Chinese people.

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