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Live a big idea.

Nestled into the forests and hills of San Diego, a new kind of community is emerging. It is a place where life is stimulated by the possibilities of extraordinary cultural and learning experiences. Where you can connect with a like-minded individuals, pursue your passions, and grow to your fullest potential. The Campus of Life is your opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity, adventure, and exciting intellectual challenges.



What do you enjoy most?

What's the 1 thing you've always wanted to learn?

What illusive goal has been escaping your grasp?

The answers are uniquely different for all... and yet somehow connected. In our busy lives how do you find time to make that fitness goal, learn a new programming language, pursue professional development, experiment with art, take that cooking class you've always wanted, or spend time in nature?

The Campus of Life gives you that opportunity.

We use your feedback to create programs you want that match your schedule. This dynamic and interactive experience makes for exciting ever-evolving content while providing the accountability and growth you desire.  

It's time to reimagine life.

It's time to reimagine community.

It's time to reimagine learning. 

Upcoming Activities


Ascent at Campus of Life

A new vision in living which combines exciting learning opportunities with everyday life. These luxury residences are available to those enrolled at the Campus of Life and those passionate about life. Residents enjoy a myriad of community activities to foster connection and renew our sense of community. Set in the desirable residential locale of Scripps Ranch, Ascent at Campus of Life offers the exceptional finishes and desired amenities you expect. 

1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms Available! New appliances and brand new units!