The Campus of Life (COL) is a pioneering community of learners. It offers a unique environment for an intergenerational community of millennials, families and boomers to grow, build, and create together.

Our program is driven by the “growth mindset” model, which fosters a creative, continuous, and affirmative approach to learning, built on the assumption that an ever-growing mind creates a happy life, at any age.  

Students take classes for a variety of reasons: to learn something new, to have fun, to receive credits towards a degree, to earn CEUs, and more. And all Campus of Life learners are working to build a community of good, rooted in shared values and a common commitment to making positive change in the world.


The Campus of Life program is facilitated and inspired by the growth mindset philosophy of our Dean, Dr. Ilana De Laney. Dean De Laney is a nationally respected figure in experiential education and innovative curriculum development. Many of our courses are in partnership with local schools, universities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The experiential  offerings continue to evolve based upon the guidance and input of the Campus of Life Program and Curriculum Committee.

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Customized and individualized learning offerings are also available. 


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