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Strength, Stretch, and Acrobatic Lifts

Strength, Stretch, and Acrobatic Lifts

SEMESTER: Summer Electives 2019

Mondays/ August 5 & 12

(2 sessions; 7:00PM - 8:30PM)

Instructor: Ryan Loo

Instructor availability to meet: Per request

Please call the office to make an appointment

Office phone: (858) 800-2115

Location: COL Yoga Trailer

Prerequisite: Adult class (ages 13 & up)

CEU: 0.9 for the total course

Course Description: This class is great for anyone regardless of athletic level: the majority of the curriculum will be based off what the individual is comfortable/capable of! The goal is to help students grow as acrobats and gain core strength, balance, flexibility, bravery, and trust. In this class, you will learn basic & advanced partner lifts using counter strength and balance. We will also work on essential individual static holds for gymnastics such as headstands, handstands, and chest stands.

Ryan Loo grew up doing acrobatic gymnastics, which is a mix of gymnastics, dance, and partnering skills. At 16, he decided to focus solely on coaching. Additionally, Ryan started judging gymnastics and is ranked a regional-level judge and clinician.

He is currently a professional member of USAGymnastics, and in the last 4 years Ryan has built a program that teaches dancers safe and effective acrobatics that would be safe to do on a hard floor versus a traditional gymnastics spring floor. Through this, Ryan has gained experience coaching all ages and is very excited to work with this Campus of Life community!