A hike in the forest.
A look into the workings of a microbrewery.
A gourmet cooking workshop.
A yoga and meditation class.

An introduction to Microsoft Excel.
A journey in spiritual philosophy.
An exploration of the skill of communication.
A deeper understanding of art as it has evolved from the old masters.

The spirit of our offerings is rooted in the following three convictions:

  1. An ever-growing mind creates a happy life.

  2. We all have many abilities, unknown potential, and a desire to grow throughout  our lives.

  3. With inspiring facilitators, creative engagement and a supportive environment or community, one can progress and reach any goal the heart desires!

The Campus of Life program is facilitated and inspired by the growth mindset philosophy of our Dean, Dr. Ilana Delaney. Dean Delaney is a nationally respected figure in experiential education and innovative curriculum development. Many of our courses are in partnership with local schools, universities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The experiential  offerings continue to evolve based upon the guidance and input of the Campus of Life Program and Curriculum Committee.

You can download an overview Campus of Life catalogue here.